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Details Page for Event Coordinators (ec):

As an event coordinator (ec) we will provide you with all of the necessary tools for hosting a successful event. You simply create an administrator login and password and then build your event around your needs.  Available to you will be many categories, options, and choices which allows for the greatest amount of productivity.  Get started here.

Accepting payments will now be easy, seamless, and done electronically.  The registering participant (rp) will have the freedom to use their Visa or Mastercard when signing up for your event.  Just imagine receiving one huge check for all your participants versus running to the bank 5 days a week to make a deposit.

Creating your own registration website will just take a matter of minutes. Simply follow the steps to input the basic information such as divisions, fees, and event details and a link will be generated instantly.  This live website link can then be shared with everyone you wish to invite to the event.  Why create flyers, handouts, lengthy e-mails, and a website when we can do it all for you?

As the administrator you will have access and rights to control everything.  Maybe you wish to send an e-mail to your registering participants (rp) or perhaps you want to add more competitor spots - your control system allows you to long in, make changes, and download rp information. 

Collecting the registration fees can be done in a variety of ways.  Payments can be sent to you weekly, monthly, or on a pre-arranged basis.  Be sure to contact us with the method that works for you.  Wire transfers or PayPal transactions can also be made available if needed.

Features and upgrades will be a result of your feedback.  We strive to make this the ultimate in online registration services so please contact us with any thoughts or suggestions you have.

Details Page for Registering Participants (rp)

As a registering participant (rp) you will find that things could not be easier when it comes to signing
up for your favorite event.  Simply create a username and login and you will be able to pick and choose whatever events or activities you wish to participate in. 

Payment options include the standard in credit and debit card processing.  Visa and Mastercard are accepted when registering for an event. 

Instant confirmation that your information and payment has been confirmed gives you the piece of
mind knowing that your spot is secured at the event.  Once you pay, the event coordinator (ec) is sent
a notification.  Do not delay another minute, register now!

Earn rewards for using our website, www.iRegisteredOnline.com.  We automatically track the amount
of events you register for on our site.  Keep checking your e-mail because the more you use our site
the better chance you have of earning a special reward.

Canceling your registration can be done but how your refund is processed is determined by your event coordinator’s (ec) preferences.  Typically if the event is at least 7 days away, we will credit your account.  If it is within 7 days of the event you must contact the event coordinator (ec) for your refund (or partial refund).

By using this website you are agreeing to all terms and conditions associated with this website.  However, www.iRegisteredOnline.com is not responsible or liable for any portion of the event , the
event staff, the sponsors, or anything related to the event you are registering for.  We are simply providing you with the best means to get you signed up. 

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