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Who can use this site? 

Anyone.  Whether you want to organize a 5-person online computer challenge or a 10,000 person marathon, IRO is your event registration resource.

How much does IRO charge per registration?

Our default fee is $5 per person. In some situations the fee can be adjusted slightly but you will have to send a message using the contact page. We will work with your group or organization to make it work.

Do you accept PayPal? 

Yes.  Our system uses PayPal’s processing.  You will have a variety of standard PayPal options while checking out which include using a credit card or using funds available in your PayPal account.

Who has access to my data? 

The only people that will have your information are the event coordinators which you sign up under.  For example, if you only sign up for Joe’s events, then Jane won’t have access to your information ... even if she runs similar events.

Do you store my credit card info?

Your participants are using PayPal’s merchant system which means we NEVER see or store any financial information.

Will my data be protected? 

IRO will never sell or distribute any of your information to a 3rd party vendor.  The only person with your data is the Event Coordinator under whom you register.  We assume that you trust or know them and we assume no responsibility for what they do with your information.

Will you host other categories of events?

Absolutely. If you know of a sport or a market that could benefit from using our website, just contact us and we will gladly create a new category.

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